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Thread: Ottersports Open Canoes?

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    Smile Ottersports Open Canoes?

    Has anyone built and/or paddled the any of the Ottersports open canoes? I'm debating on a new boat to build and they look OK but there's no substitute for experience. I've already built a little Kate from Selway Fisher (lovely boat but no good for transporting any more then my own body weight) and was comtemplating a 14 foot Raven or Prospector

    Any advice gratefully received!

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    No experience with ottersport but after looking at the website I think I like the lines of the selway peterbough better \.I am in the process of putting gunwales on mine,ice is almost of the rivers out here

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    Thanks woodenkayakguy. I'm not sure if they're still in business as I've failed to get a response to emails and only got an answerphone when I called. Does anyone know if they are still a going concern?

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    I had dealings with ottersports a few years ago, and their communication is appauling, as is their ability to do anything when they say they will, kept being given delivery dates that were repeatedly missed, I would not deal with them again, ottersports is a small part of what the bloke does, and it just struck me that he had lost interest in it.

    As a S/F peterborough builder and paddeler, I would recommend them.

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    Thanks Brandon, thats the feeling I got - I never managed to get a reply from them. Sorry to hear about the hassle you had, though it's made my mind up for me.

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    Default OTTERSPORTS...Very annoying!

    The website is just a tease!
    I new what kit I wanted , they just wouldn't answer, I don't know why they don't delete their site and stop wasting peoples time. A friend of mine told me where they live (near bury st. edmunds)and I'm going round to ask what his problem is.
    Anyone know of similar kits from 'real people'?

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    Default Any luck with Ottersports???

    Did you have any luck with Ottersports? I know it's an old post but I only just found it. I have an ottersports fibreglass canoe and think it's fantastic, despite being nearly 30 years old. In fact I just bought a plastic boat as a possible replacement, but I can't do it, I've got to keep the Ottersports canoe!! It's increadibly stable, very comfortable and easy to paddle solo. And a great invention on it is the grid system on the floor. basically across the floor is a raised grid so if you get drips of water come into the boat they stay in the small square dips and doesn't go through the whole boat.

    I just had the boat re-sprayed the same colour as it was originally. I've seen some re-sprayed a new colour but every scratch is highlighted by the fact that there's a completely different colour underneath. Anyway, it was sprayed by my father-law's crash repair business - Bradrich in Wallington, Surrey.

    Yes I've had trouble getting in touch with Ottersports to try and get new hatch covers. And yes the boats is VERY heavy, and you have to be careful not to damage her. But it's a Fantastic boat!!!

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