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Thread: Esquif Prospecteur

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    Default Esquif Prospecteur

    Makers Spec

    Technical specifications

    Construction: royalex
    Length: 4.85m (15'11")
    Width: 88.9cm (35")
    Depth: 39.4cm (15")
    Shape: Rounded
    Rocker: 11.4cm (4") bow 11.4cm (4") stern
    Gunwale: wood or vinyl
    Colors: green
    Weight: 29.27kg (65lbs)
    Seats: Webbed seats
    Standard: Countoured yoke and thwart

    Makers Write Up

    The Prospecteur is a classic design, the Esquif Prospecteur is based and the long-used canoe by the First Nations People using today's materials and building technologies. Its arched bottom meets the freeboard with a soft, rounded chine giving the canoe exceptionnal glide and a reassuring feel.
    The balance and harmony of this traditionnal design guarantee that the Prospecteur will be as agile on the river as on the lake. Discover all the Prospecteur's subtleties in a canoe designed for the enjoyement of all paddlers.

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    I looked at one of these when I was searching for my last canoe. Make no mistake this is no Prospector they are just using the name. Well Prospecteur; this company is getting a name for itself marketing to French Canadians. I didn't paddle this one so I cannot comment but I bet it moves well, check the rocker numbers out; probably sacrifices tracking though.

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    Esquif has a solid reputation as one of the best canoe builders in Canada. They have a solid line of whitewater boats,which are very popular among top notch paddlers. Becky Mason and her husband trip in a 17 foot Esquif prospecteur. Those rocker numbers look really high, but it's still a good serious tripping boat.

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    I have one of these.

    It is a great boat. It tracks well, particularly on its heel.

    Where its strength lies is on white water where it excels.

    Have a look at the thread "white water pictures" on the general section and the Rivers Tees trips written by Wilf on the Blog. Both active in June/July 2007.

    It looks much better with wood trim though!!


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    Paddled one of these today,

    great boat.

    moves well on the water, very high freeboard so yes prone to windage on East coast flat water (UK), particularly when empty which is how I paddled it today.

    however, using a kneeling thwart it was just such a joy to manoeuvre! This is definitely a classy "trad" boat for white water, would be a good boat for 5*, boat was difficult to re enter from the water but that says more about me than the boat these days (over 50 not so nimble as i was!).

    looks an excellent all round choice when only one boat is allowed!


    Alan L.

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    I would agree with everything Alan says.................


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    Default I Love My Prospecteur!

    I've been paddling my Prospecteur as a solo river tripper over this past year. It's a great and very versatile canoe. Loaded or empty it is a maneuverable boat which takes on very little water in large standing waves. I have found it to track well on flat water. Bottom line is it is my canoe of choice, period.

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    Default Lots of Esquif Prospecteur footage

    A loud soundtrack, but EXCELLENT footage of the EP in high volume rapids. Very impressive.

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    Shame that not one of them can paddle!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by smallboatsarebest View Post
    Shame that not one of them can paddle!!

    It sure looks like fun though... but is it really grade 4?
    Doug Dew
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    Default Where to get them...

    I'm sure this has been answered elsewhere but: Who if anyone imports Esquif?

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    square rock

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    Default Esquif Prospecteur

    Hello SoTP,

    I have an Esquif Prospecteur, and enjoy it very much. I solo most of the time and enjoy its capacity, and stability. (Some paddlers would find the boat unstable, but its secondary stability is quite good. Tracks well in tandem mode and handles rougher water with ease. When I paddle solo I enjoy a variety of seating...heeled over midships, or in the kneeling position using the kneeling thwart. If I'm paddling solo I find that heeling the boat over will help with tracking.


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