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Thread: Loch Ard canoe and camp?

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    Default Loch Ard canoe and camp?

    Hi everyone,

    Like lots of others I am on the search for the elusive perfect spot to try a bit of wild camping with a child (my boy aged 8.) Loch lomand seems to be too busy/noisy and full of rubbish, English sites have too many restrictions on wild camping, the northernmost lochs are just too far away (from suffolk), but Loch Ard seemed possible. The dedicated PDF even mentions wild camping as an option if done responsibly. Has anyone been there? I couldn't find any threads so first hand experience would be much appreciated. Ideally an island would be perfect but that is probably asking too much! Thanks in anticipation, Seb and Zach

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    Quote Originally Posted by waveny View Post
    Has anyone been there? I couldn't find any threads so first hand experience would be much appreciated.
    Seb & Zach

    One of my favourite wee lochs. Masses of posts - try using site: "Loch Ard" and that will throw up loads - I think I've got one or two on here somewhere as well.

    Great for kids, I used to camp their with Outdoor Groups, though the bothy on the island can be a bit mucky sometimes.

    All the best


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    Camped there twice or more correctly camped once and hammocked once.

    There is not a lot of flat space (away from easy road access) but there is sufficient for a small two man hike tent if you look hard enough.

    Great for canoeing with kids with lots of interesting places to explore.

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    I thought there was plenty of space on the island in the west end of Loch Ard. Hope you get there some day. And visit the 'hidden loch' south of the island (Eilean Gorm), brilliant at sunset!


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    Wow, what great responses. I have found the blogs now, for some reason thay appeared at around page 10 after searching??. Your advice has certainly reassured me as after driving up from suffolk my fear was not being able to find a spot before it got dark. Can't wait to go, but the planning is what january is for I suppose. Seb and zach

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    Hi, just found this thread and thought I'd suggest this spot. My friend and I went for a paddle in our k***ks there last year. It's a lovely wee loch and we checked out the island with the bothy on as we were looking for a picnic spot but it was a bit muddy and dark for our liking, I did however spot another potential campsite that (although it wasn't on an island) looked very promising to me. I've marked it on this Google Earth picture and the second picture is taken from within the lagoon that the campsite is in looking towards the entrance of the lagoon. I'm not sure if anyone on this forum has camped there (I wouldn't be surprised as it's a fairly obvious spot).

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    Yep that spot is pretty good, we had a good splash around that lochan on this blogg The one with the girls pulling the boat is heading almost directly towards the pin.

    I'm sure I did a wee map somewhere with a couple of sites..... I'll see if I can find it.




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    Yeah that's exactly the spot I was meaning Chainsaw. Looked like a great spot and very close to the parking laybye too (which could be a good or bad thing but probably good if it's a trip with youngsters).

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    The forrest path goes right along the edge of the loch there so you will be visited by through traffic of walkers and cyclists from time to time.

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