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    Default Basingstoke Canal

    The following is from the Basingstoke Canal Authority website

    General Information
    The Basingstoke Canal can be found in Southern England between the village of Greywell in Hampshire and Woodham in Surrey. It was built between 1788 and 1794 and is 32 miles long with 29 locks. After many years of restoration it's now fully navigable, and connects to the River Wey Navigation, which in turn joins the River Thames. Approximately half of the canal is owned by Hampshire County Council and the other half by Surrey County Council. The "Basingstoke Canal Authority" (part of Hampshire County Council's "Countryside Service") undertake the management of the whole canal. Their offices and visitor centre are located at the Canal Centre, Mytchett Place Road, Mytchett, Surrey. GU16 6DD Telephone - 01252 370073
    Licences are available from the canal Authority Headquarters at Mytchett at 6.75 for 30 days or 15.50 per year (2008). The BCU membership also allows navigation of the canal.

    For those that dislike portaging locks there is a 14 mile lock free pound from Ash lock (Aldershot) to the limit of navigation at Odiham Castle.

    Convenient parking/launching points are at:-

    Colt Hill, Odiham (map)
    Winchfield Hurst (map)
    Crookham Wharf (map)
    Fleet Wharf (map)
    Wharf Bridge, Aldershot (map)
    Mytchett Canal Centre (map)
    St Johns Bridge, Woking (map)

    Details of any current stoppages are here (click the "Navigation" link in the menu at the top of the page).

    There is camping available at the Mytchett Canal Centre. (click the "Visitor Centre" link in the menu at the top of the page).
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    These are all good. Keiths site is full of good stuff about this. Odiham East bound is great. Enjoy. I do.
    What a long strange trip its been.......

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    Default Fleet Wharf - putting a group in

    Is Fleet Wharf a suitable place for putting a group on the water? We'd not be parking there but would need to unload boats from cars.
    The car park appears to be quite small and would it be accessible during the day?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brevan View Post
    Is Fleet Wharf a suitable place for putting a group on the water?
    Yes, Fleet Wharf would be fine. There is no height restriction and the bank is a very convenient height.

    Alternatively, you can put in at Crookham Wharf where there is more parking with no height restriction. The bank is higher here but you can conveniently put in under the bridge.

    How big is the group?

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    Default Basingstoke Canal West of Greywell Tunnel ?

    Are there options for paddling the Basingstoke Canal west of the Greywell Tunnel and if so where are the best places to launch?


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    I'm afraid that what remains of the canal west of the tunnel (less than a mile) is dry. Some work was done some years ago to clear trees etc from the canal bed and allegedly after prollonged periods of extremely heavy rain there are stretches that briefly have water but as a place to paddle it's a non-starter.

    Never mind! The pound east of the tunnel is there, with very few other users and a couple of canalside pubs. What more could you ask for!
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    Default Thanks for the info

    Going for a paddle tomorrow.
    Colts Hill looks like a good starting point.
    Just wanted to say thanks for info.

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    I was out for a paddle today from Winchfield to the Fox and Hounds at Fleet and back. Under the bridge at Church Lane there was a dam across the canal which I was easily able to get the canoe across into a section where the water level was lowered by perhaps 15-18 inches. The lowered section continues past Crookham Wharf until the next bridge at Zephon Common Lane where another dam raises the level back up. Here there were two mobile pumps taking water from the lower level. It looks as if there is repair work going on on one of the embanked stretches and the level has been lowered to reduce the load on the bank.

    After a pint I retraced my steps over the two dams. The dams are easy enough to get over and the remaining water in the lowered section, which was more than enough for a canoe, didn't seem to be going down despite the pumps.

    I could find no information on the work program but If you are not prepared for the hassle of getting over the dams it might be best to avoid the section for the next few weeks.

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    Thanks Keith!
    Covering as many malmiles as possible before being distracted by the pub!

    Paddle Points - where to paddle

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