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Thread: Epoxy: Has anybody other than epoxymanuk used his product

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    Default Epoxy: Has anybody other than epoxymanuk used his product

    I have looked at the website and the prices seem good. I have seen lots of good discussion on this forum but I'd appreciate if somebody other than epoxyman could vouch for this product.

    Alternatively can anybody recomend a price competitive source of West or SP epoxy.

    Any help appreciated.

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    I use west epoxy resin system on a regular basis and it is reliable and consistant. (

    My supplier is CFS (cornish fibreglass supplies) partly due to price and partly becasue I am in NI and they are the most helpful with shipping costs. (The stuff costs a fortune over here.) They have also always been very helpful.

    Hope this is helpful
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    I have bought resin etc. from Rob at UK Epoxy and it is good stuff. Good information on the web site and a helpful bloke to order from. eg." You've got too much of this and not enough of that on your order. Do you want me to change it?"

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    I used west and I got it of ebay from a guy called danson marine. Good price and product.
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    I know of some Ozzie boat builders who used to use a Shell epoxy to build a fishing boat, they said it was good, and cheap. Don't have a uk source for it unfortunately. It's worth getting hold of the technical data sheet from the supplier, because you can improve the strength properties of the epoxy by giving it a post cure cook. Particularly if you use a slow hardener with the SP systems.

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    Default Fogot to mention they sell the sicomin system resins. The guys there are really helpful, and I've used an expanding epoxy foam they sell and that was great.

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    I used UK Epoxy for resin, tape and cloth and the prices were good as were the products (the boat is still afloat three years later ). My boat is stored indoors so can't vouch for the UV performance and it was the only resin I've used so can't compare with others.

    Rob at Epoxy is a helpful chap too.

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