Makers Spec

Length: 15',
Beam at gunwale: 29", Beam at 4" waterline: 30.6"
Depth: at bow 18.5", at center 14" at stern 18.5"
Approx. weight: 57lbs. (Royalex). 54lbs. (R-84 Royalite).
Estimated capacity: 580 lbs.

Makers Writeup
Less rockered and 10 inches longer than the Mohawk Odyssey 14, the Mohawk Odyssey 15 Solo makes an excellent high-volume, tripping and touring solo canoe. The Mohawk Odyssey 15's deep sides, flared-bow and stern provide a very dry ride in choppy water. With its narrow beam and sharp entry, the Mohawk Odyssey 15 is easy to paddle and glides well with each stroke. Available as single-seat or with tandem configuration (please see tandem section for specifications).