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    Default Mohawk Solo 13

    Makers Spec

    Length: 13',
    Beam at gunwale: 29", Beam at 4" waterline: 30.25"
    Depth: at bow 18", at center, 12.5" at stern 18"
    Approx. weight: 41 lbs. (Royalex), 36lbs (Royalite R-84).
    Estimated capacity: 300 lbs.

    Makers Writeup
    Solo 13, Mohawk's compact, light and strikingly-beautiful canoes with a tucked in center section, and detailed lines molded into the bow and stern. Nimble on the water, the Mohawk Solo brand of canoes are a delight to paddle. A joy on small twisty creeks- yet with flared bow and sides, the Mohawk Solo 13 can easily handle light whitewater and choppy lakes. Great for small paddlers, but won't let the 200 pounder's down either!
    Discover the ultimate pleasure in canoeing: Solo paddling in a Solo 13 by Mohawk Canoes.
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