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Thread: Mohawk Intrepid 17

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    Default Mohawk Intrepid 17

    Makers Spec

    Length: 17'3",
    Beam at gunwale: 37", Beam at 4" waterline: 34.7",
    Depth: at bow 22", at center 14" , at stern 22".
    Weight approx: 76 lbs (Royalex)
    Estimated capacity: 1080 lbs.

    Makers Writeup
    The Mohawk Intrepid's are dry, high volume canoes, with slightly arched and moderately-rockered bottoms, they are the most versatile of our canoes. Very stable and dry, they are at home running whitewater rivers or carrying fisherman to their favorite fishing spot. Because of their roomy, full volume, flared ends with extra reinforcing, the Mohawk Intrepid's are the best choice when the canoe will be used in both flat and whitewater. The 17' Mohawk Intrepid has few equals as a stable, load-carrying, wilderness tripper. Both the Mohawk Intrepid 16' and 17' are an excellent, roomy, stable, load-carrying family canoes.
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