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Thread: SotP Staff, who are they and what do they do

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    Default SotP Staff, who are they and what do they do

    This reference thread is intended to let you know who the Moderators and Admin are on SotP and what we do. It also lets you know who to contact if you have a problem.

    First who are we?

    MagiKelly Well that is me. I am the Administrator and owner of the site.

    Monkey Pork is a Supermoderator (not as exciting as it sounds)
    Chainsaw is also a Supermoderator (mostly for the sin of understanding servers)

    General Moderators are

    Then we have a couple of moderators who have very restricted duties.
    Canoe Guru

    So what do we all do?

    In general we tidy up a bit. When people have made an error with a quote or a picture we try to edit the post to make it work. When we get spam accounts created we ban the user and delete the advertising posts etc. Very very rarely we have to intervene if a thread is getting heated or if a member is being abusive. This is thankfully very rare. On these occasions it is usually enough to remind people that on SotP we expect a higher level of debate and do not tolerate name calling etc

    If new members are having problems activating their account then either Monkey Pork, Chainsaw or myself can activate it manually. This can be a problem for a few new members as the activation email can get filtered out by spam software.

    It is worth mentioning that if you spot a dodgy post or are concerned about any post the quickest and best way to report it is to click the "Report Post" button at the top right of the offending post. This immediately notifies all moderators.

    Moderators are just regular members of the forum. They are not paid and are just helping out to maintain a forum they enjoy. We all have busy lives so the more the forum self moderates the better it is for all to enjoy.

    Two of the moderators have very specific tasks. The Canoe Guru is responsible for listing the canoes in the reviews section. He starts all the review threads with the basic information about the canoe so the thread can then be added to by the members with the real life reviews.

    Naiad does a similar thing with the places reference threads although recently Contributing Members have also become able to post threads in these sections

    How do you become a Moderator?

    This is often raised at meetups, usually to a moderator but rarely to me. The simple answer is you are asked. Asking to be made a moderator is almost certainly a way to avoid becoming one.

    I have not picked moderators because they are close friends or because I think they will slavishly agree with me and carry out my bidding. A moderator will most likely be someone who is on the site pretty often, although they do not have to have a high post count. They should be level headed and calm. They can have strong views and these can be the opposite of mine but they respect everyones point of view and are hard to provoke (although if I see members trying to provoke moderators because they are moderators, I will come down hard). They should be fairly confident in the use of the forum software so they can fix the various tags etc (since this is probably the most common task).

    There are obviously far more members who fit the above requirements than we have moderators. I have often thought of making everyone who fits the bill a moderator but think this would cause more problems than it would create benefits. At the other extreme we could probably still manage quite well with just a couple of us "on the staff". Deciding on the number of moderators is not a science, just like picking the people to do it. It is something you do with a mixture of analysis and instinct. Not sure that will really explain it for you but there you go

    As this is a reference thread I have locked it to stop it getting diluted with chat, however some of the moderators may well chip in with information I have omitted or forgotten.
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