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Thread: I'm looking for a bare hull to fit ot

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    Default I'm looking for a bare hull to fit ot

    I own a ceder strip 16 'x 36" beam canoe. It's great for the family but just too bouyant for solo use and a sod to get out of the garage and on and off the car roof so I wondered if there are any companies who would sell a lightweight bare hull that I could finish off myself. It would mainly be for solo use but must also be capable of carrying 2 adults. I've looked at the Apache site but would also be interested in any others.

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    Mega do a bare hull in the outlander 14 or 16. Malcolm's build quality is first rate.

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    its worth giving stu a call at apache canoes,he can supply the hull in the colour of your choice(black is the fastest!)part build it if you want,supply wood kits or give you the dimentions of the wood that you need.i think there may be a bigger canoe in the pipe line but youll have to talk to him about this.

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    I know you can buy Wenonah canoe's without the trims so I'm guessing the may also supply them without the seats too (wouldn't like to be the one responsible for packaging it up for transporting though). Give Richard a call from Outdoor-Active in Berkeley, he's the importer for Wenonah for the UK.
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