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    Default Podzine News

    From time to time I'll be letting folks know of the ocassional podcasts I put out on The Outdoors Station, which may be relevant, or of specific interest to forum users.

    I'm sure many folk will be interested to hear the latest one with Lord Smith of Finsbury the well known as the President of the Ramblersí Association. In 1997 - as plain Chris Smith MP - he became Culture Secretary in Tony Blairís incoming government. In this interview we talk to Lord Smith about the 100 year fight to introduce a right to roam, consider how these laws might be extended further and how we can give young people better chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

    Hope you find it stimulating!

    Also a small reminder, if anyone has any 'public welcome' events you wish to publicise this year do drop me a line and I'll help where I can.

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    Default Free Tickets for The Outdoors Show?

    Just a quick heads up that the new weekly Podzine show will be starting once again over on The Outdoors Station on Monday the 3rd March which includes interviews at The Kayak Show with the editor of a new Ocean Kayak Magazine, the recruiment department from PGL Holidays, and with organiser Kate Thomas from The Outdoors Show at the NEC.

    There's a simple free to enter competition to win one of 20 pairs of VIP tickets for 2 adults to The Outdoors Show worth £32 and a quick round up of some of the social gatherings taking place wiithin the hiking, bushcraft and paddling communities.

    Going live first thing Monday morning. Enjoy!

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    Default Talking tarps and kayak fishing on latest Podzine

    Morning all!
    The new weekly Podzine show is now on iTunes and will be on The Outdoors Station in an hour or so dated Monday the 10th March. It includes interviews with Jed Yarnold about tarps, Vic Solomon on Manfrotto's new carbon fiber tripods, and Kevin Ashton discusses using a sea kayak as a fishing platform.

    Plus you've got the dairy, winners of the free VIP tickets to The Outdoors Show, this week's comp to win the last 10 pairs (get in quick - cut off Tuesday evening).

    Thanks for the feedback so far and if you are at the Outdoor Show and see Andy, Rose or I wandering aimlessly (ie not panicking to get the next interview!), do stop for a chat as we would love to get some feedback on the show. We'll be wearing black shirts with a logo.

    Have a good week!

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    Just a quick update.

    I've just loaded up a series of 5 interviews with Cicerone authors covering their specific areas of interest, which may inspire traveling further afield.

    If nothing else, it'll help the daily commute go a bit quicker

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    Excellent- these are well worth a listen !

    I subscribed on iTunes and found the whole back-catalogue available

    I would be great to hear an interview with our own MagiKelly- what's the chances

    Any-one else on here listening ?

    travellas (off work with man flu)
    All of life is a journey ...

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    I'm not sure you would be able to decipher my accent Assuming I had anything of interest to say.

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    Default podzine news

    Quote Originally Posted by MagiKelly View Post
    I'm not sure you would be able to decipher my accent Assuming I had anything of interest to say.
    i read your posts all the time ive never had any trouble with accent has anybody else
    People keep telling me im in my second childhood I never left my first

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