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Thread: first overnight trip. where's best to go?

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    Default first overnight trip. where's best to go?

    i'll be picking up my canoe from glenmore lodge end of october (an explorer 14 TT). i suppose it would be a shame to be all the way up there without doing a journey.
    most of my canoeing to date has been river journeys and white water, with no overnighting. where would folks recomend for a short weekend journey in and around the cairngorm to get used to paddling a loaded canoe and look at my campcraft skills.... don't say loch morlich though!!!


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    I have been thinking about a few days on the spey after the midgies have gone. so would probably be up for a trip in October. Or maybe Loch Laidon from Rannoch Station.
    I Started out with nothing! and i still have most of it left.

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