How about this.
I was reading reviews on the Old Town Camper 16".
Mitch was quite keen to try one out, and was anticipating having to wait for a meet where one might be available.
I also am interested in this canoe, but know no owners, and would need to sell one in order to possibly fund the purchase.
I then thought "what about canoe swaps?".
Any members trusting enough could swap a canoe of theirs with another member who either wanted a go in something different, or were researching buying a different model.
I for one would be interested in this idea.
As mentioned on various thread contributions, anyone who wants to try any of my canoes on a trip out with me is more than welcome. (Any excuse!).
Venture Prospector 16" Corelite
Mad River Legend 15" Rx
Mega Outlander 16" Glass
Mega Outlander 14" Kevlar.