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    I'm Nev. I only paddle Open boats as kayaks kill me....far to painful. I must say that I have never regretted the decision to only go open boating as I never seem to run out of great things to do....Canada next year!

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    Welcome, glad you found us.

    Canada certainly seems to be the dream location for most paddlers. I doubt I will ever get there but still I can dream.

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    Default Canada has to be done

    We are off to the Yukon hopefully. It's going to cost a bit, but you are only here once and It's always been a dream of mine to paddle there. Everyone that I have talked to about Canadadian paddling says that it is brilliant. I also went to a james Raffin (masons biographer) talk at the symposium and it was inspiring. Lets face it if you are not going on adventures...then what's the point of it all?

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