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    Default Nastawgan Traveller

    Something i wish I could devote more time to:

    The Nastawgan Traveller

    In this article:
    1. From the Bow
    2. Network News
    3. Action Required
    4. Network Initiatives - Route Revival and Maintenance
    5. Network Initiatives - Planning
    6. Networking Needs
    7. Fireside Ramblings
    8. A View From The Stern
    9. The Executive Committee
    10. Contact Us

    (na-staw-gan) Cree-Ojibwa - the routes of traditional travel (foot, sled, canoe) through the land in the Temagami district of Northeastern Ontario.
    This Newsletter has been sent in good faith with a sincere motive. However, we do not wish to intrude or become interpreted as "spam". Therefore, all subsequent Newsletters will only be sent to subscribers. To subscribe, please visit our Contact Information page. You are under no obligations and you can remove your name at any time.
    From the Bow

    Greetings from The Network!
    We are proud to announce the launch of The Nastawgan Network - a community based effort to preserve and promote our traditions of wilderness travel and heritage appreciation in Temagami. This is an effort to pool our resources to educate, promote and speak with a united voice for the Temagami Nastawgan and the unique heritage, environmental and wilderness recreation values that it collectively represents.
    If you have not visited us on the Web, we invite you to do so at Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our organization and our objectives. This is an all-inclusive effort and we welcome involvement from all sectors including; recreation, business, industry, tourism, 1st Nations and all who value our shared appreciatio n of wilderness, heritage and the Temagami experience.

    Network Objectives
    The Nastawgan Network is working towards the protection, rehabilitation and promotion of four-season wilderness recreation in Temagami.
    We intend to work in partnership with non-governmental organizations, commercial interests and government agencies toward the ongoing maintenance of Nastawgan routes and other issues related to heritage, development and wilderness integrity.

    Networking Principles
    1. The Temagami nastawgan is a unique and irreplaceable cultural heritage and recreational resource that should be preserved for future generations.
    2. All activities that occur in Temagami are related and have the potential to impact and influence each other.
    3. The various industrial and recreational activities that occur in Temagami are supported by stake-holders with strong ties to the land and valid interests in land-use decision s.
    4. The Nastawgan network respects the rights and opinions of other stake-holders and wishes to work in a cooperative fashion to achieve our objectives.
    5. It is not necessary for everyone to share the same values and sensitivities providing we share respect for each other and for the values that make Temagami so special.

    Since the initial formation of this group, just a month ago, we have already participated in planning focus groups, restored canoe routes and expanded from merely a concept to an active organization with members from a variety of backgrounds and interests.
    We hope that in the days to come our membership will continue to grow as we strive for strength in unity for the preservation of wilderness, heritage and the Temagami Experience.
    Thank you for your time and for you interest in this effort. We hope to Network soon.
    William Ball
    Alex Broadbent
    Bob Olajos
    Ed MacPherson
    Chris Melanson
    Paul Tamburro
    The Nastawgan Network

    Network News

    April 2006 - The Nastawgan Network Officially Launched
    After many years of individual efforts, concerned citizens from a variety of backgrounds and interests unite. This is an effort to coordinate a response to preserve the integrity of traditional Backcountry travel in the face of rapid changes and increasing pressure on limited resources.
    The official Network website - is released with the generous assistance of web development expert William Ross Solutions.
    May 2006 - New Additions to Endangered Routes - Maps Section. Several new maps are added to the Maps section of The Network website:
    Misabi and Canton Lakes - South:
    These routes link portions of Bob's Lake Conservation reserve and Obabika River Provincial Park though Crown Lands. These littl e known routes have recently fallen into dis-use and provide canoeists with travel options adjacent to the heavily used Lake Temagami-Diamond-Obabika Lake route.
    - Misabi-Lakes; A connector route, Bob Lake to Diamond and Pencil Lakes.
    - Canton Lakes - South
    Route Rehabilitation Underway
    (Please see Network Initiatives - Route Maintenance)
    A map depicting the recently cleared Rabbit to Twin Lakes route has been added:
    Network Communications Strategy Advances
    With the assistance of internet business development expert,WebHand Central, the second phase of the Network Communications Strategy begins with Issue 1 of the Nastawan Traveller; The Official Newsletter of the Nastawgan Network.
    The perfect canoe -
    Like a leaf on the water

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    Default Part 2

    Action Required

    Establish Area of Concern: Reuben-Paul-Breeze-Rabbit Lake
    The old portages (nastawgan) in the Reuben-Paul-Breeze-Rabbit area have been brushed out as the first step toward recognition by the MNR. Our feeling was that if we were to ask for Area of Concern reserves on these portages, we had better make sure we knew exactly where they are, and we had better make sure they are in good shape. We can now proudly say that this first step is accomplished. The next step is to send this information along to the MNR and request that Area of Concern reserves be applied to these portages.
    Would you please write a repectful letter or email, or make a phone call to the District Forester, Don Farintosh? I've included his address below. In your letter, request that, "Area of Concern operational prescriptions be applied to the portages identified by Nastawgan Network in Block 58."
    This portage work will in no way stop the clearcutting of Block 58, nor was it ever intended to. The only aim is to preserve the portages in this area with a 30 m reserve and 30 to 60 m modified buffer on each side.
    Again, please do contact Mr. Farintosh at the MNR and respectfully request appropriate preservation measures be taken on this and all Temagami area Nastawgan.
    Bob Olajos for the Nastawgan Network
    Contact Info:
    Don Farintosh,
    RPF District Forester,
    Temagami District Ministry of Natural Resources
    3301 Trout Lake
    Road North Bay, ON
    P1A 4L7
    1 (800) 667-1940 1 (705) 475-5550
    Network Initiatives - Route Revival and Maintenance

    Canoe Route Restored: Reuben-Paul-Breeze-Rabbit Lake
    April and May 2006:
    Network member Bob Olajos spent the last 3 days out in the Reuben Lake area clearing old trails with his report as follows:

    No sense wasting time now that the ice is out. Reuben Lake is very beautiful, with islands, old growth, and two sets of cliffs along the northeast shore. There is one large, very nice campsite on a point by the entrance to the west bay. Paul Lake is a gem. It's like Shishkong, with cliffs down the eastern shore. No campsite there. I didn't get to paddle on Breeze Lake, but it looks very nice, with at least one small possible campsite location. Image: Paul Lake
    Reuben Lake to Paul Lake (small lake due north of Reuben) (650 m): Trail was overgrown, but passable, now in good shape.
    Paul Lake to Br eeze Lake (450 m): I cleared a trail from the west bay on Paul Lake to the southeast bay on Breeze.
    Reuben Lake to Lower Twin Lake: I found the first of these two portages in very poor shape. I cleared 1/2 the trail, but ran out of time. One day should finish both those portages. I'll try to get in there by car and mountain bike on the logging road.
    The old portages (nastawgan) in the Reuben-Paul-Breeze-Rabbit area have been brushed out ane one can now easily travel the area on clearly defined trails.
    Map: Reuben-Paul-Breeze-Rabbit

    Network Initiatives - Planning

    April 10 and 20, 2006
    Nastawgan Network representatives Bob Olajos and Ed MacPherson attended Temagami Integrated Planning focus group meetings in Temagami and Toronto.
    These meetings were attended by a wide variety of stake holders with issues and opportunities discussed regardilng Crown land recreation and park and conservation reserve management. The MNR plans to release the results of these meetings in the next phase of plannning later this spring or summer.
    Overall, meeting attendees were optimistic with regard to the future of backcountry recreation in Temagami. However, ongoing support from wilderness enthusiasts is necessary throughout this process.
    We need your help. Stay tuned.
    Networking Needs

    The Network Needs You!
    We are in need of your assistance in a variey of areas. The Network is a community based volunteer effort, therefore we must rely on our members and utilize your own unique skills to help educate, promote and protect the values that make Temagami so special.
    Website; Development and maintenance issues. Content, photographs, News items and Trip Logs for incorporation into the Network Website within frequently updated areas.
    Communications; Internet based, personal, liasons and advocates needed.
    Have you joined? Do you know of someone who might be interested? Please pass along this Newsletter and help expand The Network.
    Field; Route recovery, useage and promotion.

    *Contact The Network at for involvement.
    It is imperative that anyone who undertakes travel on a heritage route carefully respect the nature of such a route and understand that in doing so, you assume all personal responsibility and risks for such an adventure.

    Fireside Ramblings
    Thoughts from the restless traveller...

    Tell us your Temagami Tale!
    Do you have a story, poem or a photograph you wish to share?
    Make your contribution to the Nastawgan Traveller by contacting us at Your submission will also be considered for incorporation to our Website within future site updates.
    A View From The Stern

    On behalf of The Nastawgan Network, we would like to extend a special thanks to those who have helped shape this effort and give substance to some abstract ideas that have been kicking around for a number of years now.
    In particular, we would like to thank Ross at William Ross Solutions and Cheryl at WebHand Central for providing excellent services and making our Website and this communication possible.
    We would also like to thank all the individuals who have joined in this effort and all of you future Network members as we move foreword United in the Preservation of Wilderness, Heritage and the Temagami Experience.
    The Executive Committee

    The Nastawgan Network Executive/Co-Founders:
    William Ball
    Alex Broadbent
    Bob Olajos
    Ed MacPherson
    Chris Melanson
    Paul Tamburro

    Contact Us

    Mailing Address
    The Nastawgan Network
    PO Box 164
    Temagami, Ontario
    P0H 2H0
    The perfect canoe -
    Like a leaf on the water

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