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Thread: Loch Sheil Reminder!

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    Default Loch Sheil Reminder!

    Hiya folks!

    Just a reminder about Loch Sheil this Monday 29th May, Tues, Wed n Thurs.

    If anyone is around on the Loch then come over n say hi and have some wedding cake! I'll be there in my teal green vista with Alison , somewhere down on the bottom side of the Loch on a shingle bay near and on The River Pollach side.

    We'll be there for a few days just chilling and enjoying the wilderness.

    What more can a guy want huh? A good woman, a kayak/canoe for two, a fishing rod and a tent along with a week off and this is a honeymoon! Perfect!

    See you on a loch some time


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    I won't be able to make it but have a great time and congratulations.

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