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Thread: rescue resin or dump ?

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    Default rescue resin or dump ?

    Having a little problem with a tin of poly resin,yea I know that I should have got epoxy,but being an impatient br.. I went for poly as it was available,had I waited a week, well too late now,anyway the prob is this,
    started using the stuff with no major problems in the begining,have a heated workshop so temp not an issue,untill the heating went off
    the tin of resin I was using was left on the bench overnight closed,the temp dropped to -6 got the heating back on but when I went to use the resin it was like jelly is there a way of returning it to its original liquid state?,or is it beyond use,any ideas.
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    You could try standing the tin in a bucket of warm water for a while ,if you haven"t already.

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    I suppose it might just be cold. If it does return to a liquid state make sure you give it a good stir/shake (which your meant to do before use anyway) as some separation may have occured.
    Your not supposed to let resin get that cold so I would test it before using it on anything.

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