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Thread: Axe Vale/OCA Coastal Wknd 30-06 to 02-07

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    Default Axe Vale/OCA Coastal Wknd 30-06 to 02-07

    A weekend of paddling on the Axe estuary in South Devon to introduce canoeists to paddling on the sea. Opportunities for various trips and coaching with BCU star tests on offer.

    Contact Bob Ottley for more details.

    Bob Ottley

    BCU L3*CN Coach Tel: 01460 63812 Email: bobottley "at"

    or Sam Wilkinson for coaching info.

    Sam Wilkinson

    BCU 3CN Coach Tel: 07818091151 Email: mrssam.wilkinson "at"

    This event has become a regular favourite for OCA members. We've never made it down there but are planning to go this year.


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    Sounds like a good event.

    I have edited the email addresses to try and reduce the amount of spam they may get.

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