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    I am bringing my canoe north of the border at the beginning of June for a week.

    I was/am looking at spending time on loch Ericht camping, paddling and walking some of the hills in the area. However have now wondered about some alternatives?

    Looking for suggestions for a river to practice poling, lining and also offering a short stretch of grade 1-2/3 water? Preferably tucked away a bit as I will be either camping, or parking van up. Don't mind paddling in to a river via a loch if that makes it more isolated. Would consider anywhere south of great glen and just north of it.


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    The Tweed in the borders would be good - mostly grade I/II with islands to camp on. Any of the bigger rivers would also be fine - Spey, Tay, other smaller one would depend on water levels.

    With the new access law access & camping is not a problem - if you do it responsibly.

    May be wiser to be in the east with the midges in the west (or pray for the wind behind you - generally travel NE?)

    Look at the website

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