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    This is a reference thread to explain Contributing Members. Chances are if you have been referred here it is as you have queried why some usernames are different colours or why you cannot start a thread in the Classifieds section.

    If you want the full history of Contributing Members then the thread below should tell you all you ever want to know

    but it is long so we shall try and summarise here.

    In the early days this site was entirely funded by myself. This was fine for the first two years. the site had grown and so had the costs. Finally we needed to move to a new server to allow for the continued expansion of the site. The cost increase of this move was considerable and took the costs out with my personal budget. Options were considered about how to fund the site and the decision was made to allow members to contribute financially.

    The financial contributions give the members no guaranteed additional rights and is purely a way of saying thank you for the site and helping to support the costs of the site. The site is still wholly controlled by myself. You could compare SotP to a free magazine where there is the option to contribute to the cost but no requirement to do so. The site and forum are still free to use by anyone with no commitment financially.

    Whilst there is no guaranteed benefits of contributing to the site it would be rude not to have at least something in recognition of the donation. Currently Contributing Members enjoy the following benefits. Their username is a different colour, they have the ability to change their custom title (the bit of text under their username), they can start threads in the classifieds section (all members can start threads in the Swap section), they have a larger capacity Personal Message box (up to 500 messages), they have a slightly larger file size for the avatar picture and they can attach a limited selection of documents to their posts. Also they have the warm cosy feeling from knowing they are helping to ensure that SotP as a site is financially sound and can continue to grow and improve

    If you wish to donate the option is in your control panel, whilst the direct link is

    Payments can be made on the above link with PayPal however, if you wish you can PM me to make payment in another way if it suits better.

    However as stated there is no requirement to contribute any money. This is an entirely voluntary option.

    Edit; I forgot to add that any attempt to claim special privileges for being a contributing member or any pressuring others into contributing will be dealt with severely. Probably a temporary ban and possibly a permanent one.
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