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    hi folks
    this is truly the best web site on the net,and im chuffed to be part of it.
    ive only been canoeing for about six months and im addicted,you can blame bill mason for that,his books inspire me.
    I live in west wales,not far from wwc which is a bonus.
    I own a mad river adventure 16 and i like your comments on it please.
    talk soon....maynman

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    Welcome aboard!

    This is certainly the place for canoe talk

    I'm not familiar with the Mad River Adventure 16, but I do have a Mad River Explorer 16, which looks like a very similar hull design, though the Explorer has a shallow V bottom.

    We've found the Explorer to be a very stable canoe, good on class I and light Class II rivers, and good on flatwater as well, though slow.
    The perfect canoe -
    Like a leaf on the water

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    Glad you like the site. When my addiction started I searched for a site like this and could not believe there was not one in the UK, so I made it. It is heartening to find that I was not the only one after all. I am also pleased that people like Pierre are attracted to the site even thought they are not from the UK and the site is all the better for that.

    As you say Bill Mason has a lot to answer for. It was his books that first got me interested too although you may find that posting on this site and reading other peoples trips will tend to fan the flames of your addiction as well.

    Welcome again and any questions just let me know.

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