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    Default Hi Guys!

    Thought it was about time to register and say hi! I met quite a few SOTP'ers at the Inchcailloch meet up last weekend when you might have been introduced to me as Mrs Blink. Mr Blink and I live in Helensburgh, west Scotland and have been paddling our best-ever Christmas present to each other: an Old Town 140 Osprey 140, for about 6 months.

    Many appologies if Mr Blink and I caused concern last weekend by splitting off from the main group paddle when things got tricky - we had set out alone, joined up with others and changed plans a number of times. Blame our indecision and inexperience of group paddling. Our bad.

    Anyhow, we had a great weekend and are very appreciative of the advice offered, especially by Mr & Mrs Tenboats. I hope our dog Bess didn't cheese too many people off with her "I haven't been fed for weeks" pretence!

    And Zippy? - apparantly when camping I zip/unzip a lot of stuff when I get up in the mornings. And some people notice this. And like to tell everyone else. But if you can suffer this then hopefully I'll see you out paddling sometime.


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    The Zippy moniker is more than apt. Anyone who can spent half an hour in the morning zipping things in a tent deserves the name

    Also Susan and Stuart are only in Helensburgh for another few weeks before they move to Luss. Once there we will be able to park our cars at their house when we go on Loch Lomond trips Of course now they have a bigger garden I can sense another joint present of a canoe on the horizon.

    Anyway, welcome Susan, I have already noticed you visiting more than Stuart so I look forward to you surpassing his post count shortly.

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    Default Hi

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the wine on Saturday at Inchcailloch our reserve bottle was in the car at Balmaha and there was no way I was paddling over to Balmaha for it. Teach us to drink the first bottle on Friday night.

    See you both on the water sometime with Bess.

    Maggie & Alan

    ''One is always wiser after the event''

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