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    Hi all,

    I've done a kind of backwards thing by posting on the general boards first, but I thought it was about time I introduced myself!

    I bought a canoe at the beginning of last summer (a second hand pyranha ranger 16) and kept it at derwentwater in the lakes while I worked in edinburgh, so spent maybe 4 weekends canoeing down there, then a week but my paddling in the wind problems saw me going back home after a few days! (see the Wind post in the general forum).

    Thought its about time I got some formal tuition so I'm doing a 1* course in May and a 2* course in June in Southampton (I now live in cheltenham), and will be joining a club soon.

    I'm vaguely considering organising a weekend meet in the lake district, the idea of a lake being that people could split off and do things in small groups depending on interests/ability, then meet at a prearrange point for a picnic or bbq or something. Maybe stay in a camping barn (or accom of your choice) and paddle on a different lake the 2nd day. If anyone's interested let me know. Have now posted about it on the meetings forum at, so maybe replies about the trip should keep over there (thank goodness for the edit option on the forum!)

    Anyway, must stop rambling.

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    re lakes meet. great idea, and I might just make it this time, I've had the last two attempts come to naught because of factors beyond my control.

    Oh, and welcome!
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    I am sure you will find a solution to your wind problems soon and be paddling in all conditions. Certainly meeting with other members is always instructional as you do learn a lot by watching how others do things.

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