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    Default Hi Everybody!

    I've been browsing on this site for a good few months and now contributed to a few I thought it would be rude not to say 'hi' in the right place .

    I'm located in the 'sunny' South West UK and as often as family/ work allows. My canoe is a trusty (well so far!) inflatable and has suited my needs well over the past year and a bit.

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    Let us welcome you officially then.

    What kind of an inflatable do you have?
    The perfect canoe -
    Like a leaf on the water

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    I think across the pond the maker goes under the name innova, the model is the 'sunny'. It is actually designed as an inflatable kayak, but lends itself very well to canoe paddling style (can be paddled either solo or tandem), and feels very canoe like. So much so that when either borrowing other people canoes for courses or when paddling other canoes tandem the transition is easy and feels natural. The main difference is sitting closer to the water rather than kneeling, which means less overall power is acheivable. I guess the down side is no sailing or poling...but you've got to love those portages

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    Inflatable canoes certainly do have their advantages, although I have yet to find an owner who does not long for a hardshell. The folders seem to really cover the best of both worlds but the cost becomes a factor then.

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    Its all swings and roundabouts for are right in the long term I think a hardshell is where I will be heading when I want/need to tackle above a grade 2 and improve my poling. But at present lack of storage/ access is a priority. I also think I get out a lot more with an inflatable. Where I live I often get an hour or two of paddling in after work, and I don't think I would do this so often with the extra effort of loading a hardshell after a long day. So if/when that change does eventually occur I think I will still be keeping hold of the ol' inflatable as it's adaptability and ease of carriage/set-up is fantastic .

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