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Thread: Rydal Water

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    Default Rydal Water

    More information to follow
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    Default Access and Usfeulness

    Rydal and surrounding land is owned by the National Trust, the lake is very similar in size to Grasmere and it is just a few hundred yards down river from Grasmere.


    Deleted info due to update from TGB - see post below. Effectively there is now no access to this lake from the shores

    Access Advisor is:
    Mr Martin Clark, Banerigg House, Grasmere LA22 9PW
    Tel: 0153 9435204

    NB: Access the lake via the river: The river Rothay (flows into and out of Rydal) has no access, and is paddled occasionally. Problems from residents as they have people using their gardens for access and picnics, so don't expect a warm welcome. However be nice and I am sure they will too, well eventually!


    Why bother with Rydal? Well I wouldn't! It very small and is very boring really. Access would involve a long portage and as the NT will ask for access via White Moss could even be up to 1km if the river is low

    My advice is find something bigger.

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    Default Rydal Water / the Rothay

    The National Trust is now asking that nobody puts-in from the White moss Common area, due to access issues with the Rydal Estate, which owns land and fishing rights on the Rothay after it exists Rydal Water.
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    Default Access - Very Brief Info

    Accessible only if traversed during a descent of the Rothay, as noted above. See:

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