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Thread: 06 july canoe trip on the wye (now 23-25th Aug)

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    Default 06 july canoe trip on the wye (now 23-25th Aug)

    hi peeps first ever post on this forum organising a little canoe trip on the wye in july final date to be arranged anyone interested drop me a message here or better still on the bushcraft uk site/meetups/06 july canoe trip
    where you can find all the relavant information just bought my first ever canoe (got to w8 4 weeks for it ) o well thanks for looking see you all soon lyn.

    heres a link

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    here are the dates of the trip, these are the times i am available to go so ther is some room for flexability if there are requests for more of the dates than others or an alternate starting date
    first day will be monday 24th of july (ill be 38 and 13 days but dont bring prezzies will you )
    please put the starting date you would prefer in your post
    i would like 24th--27th returnng home on the morning of the 28th
    thanks Don Redondo your a star if you could edit your post at some point with the dates you would like that would be great

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    the times and dates of the above trip have been moved but i am unable to edit them so if your interested please look on bushcraft uk meet ups section for further information
    sorry for the inconvenience

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    This trip is now the 23rd to 25th August.

    See here for details

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