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Thread: Clumber Lake

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    Default Clumber Lake

    More information to follow
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    Default Clumber Park

    We are off to Clumber Park this weekend. I noticed your thread, do you know if you can canoe on the lake? I thought it would be strictly a no no with it being National Trust.


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    I've had a look round and there's plenty on information on cycling, walking and fishing around the shore. There's also some information on the seven lodges around the 83 acre lake. But there's absolutely no mention of craft being allowed on the lake itself. There's also automatic locking gates and cameras on the estate, so sneaking in after hours would be a no no.

    Enjoy your day at Clumber Park, it must be ten years since I was there. Lovely place to cycle/walk but paddling; you'll have to just dream.

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    We've stopped there innumerable times en route to and from my in-laws... and I don't recall ever seeing any boat of any kind.

    Not sure it's a huge loss: pretty picnic spot and nice for a gentle amble around the lake with a toddler... but you could get from end to end in a matter of minutes, and you ain't going to find interesting inlets / side routes to detain you.

    I do, however, recall a reasonably appealing looking river that passes under the A1 just up from Clumber...

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    I know Clumber well, coming from Mansfield & having parents who now live in Ollerton. Its one of those places I suspect is just not worth the hassle. I doubt very much it would be "allowed" officially, & you'd soon have a warden on your tail. And as Greg says, whilst pretty, its not exactly huge. There is plenty to do at Clumber anyway, its a lovely place to explore. As a kid my favourite was playing in the huge rhododendrons!

    The river though is a different matter entirely & I've always fancied a look - the Poulter leaves Clumber & joins the Idle/Maun after a few miles. Suspect access could be hard work though, & definitely "unofficial", one for a more adventurous day.

    The Chesterfield Canal runs just north of the park if you fancy an easier to get at paddle whilst you're in the area.
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    not lakes on clumber park lake (no automatic gates T.G.B)the river does look good ,the only way on would be from the ford as the water comes outa the lake down a weir that you couldnt paddle or walk down,there is a wier a few hundred yars after the ford but this is not a big deal.i think if you wanted to go from the ford it would have to be a very quick on and then someone to drive the car/s away.diff a river to paddle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal Grey View Post
    IAs a kid my favourite was playing in the huge rhododendrons!
    Went through last week and the rhododendrons next to lime tree avenue have been cut down.Not sure about paddling.can you remember years ago there was a chain ferry across the lake.
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    Default On The River Witham

    If you are in the Clumber Park area you might fancy the 40 minute drive out to the River Witham. I tried it a couple of weeks ago and you can see the write up I did in the trips blog. It is called on the upper stretches of the River Witnam.

    Hope this helps.


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