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Thread: Killington Reservoir

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    Default Killington Reservoir

    More information to follow
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    A day permit is needed and this can be obtained from the 'Bendrigg Trust' (01539-723766), just down the road. They will lend you key, which will get you into the launch site. Please close gate & lock gate after entering/leaving. It is best to ring in advance, to make sure there will be someone there on the day you wish to launch, in order to pay the fee, (cash only) & obtain the key.

    Killington can be windy at times. Also, the M6 overlooks it, so it can be noisy too. Either paddle on a calm day and put up with the road noise. Or paddle on a windy day, which lessens the noise but makes for a choppy ride.

    Interesting island with walls that disappear into the water.

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