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    Default Grasmere

    More information to follow
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    Default Access

    Owned by the National Trust who seem a bit offish about canoeing on the water.

    As far as I am aware you are not supposed to paddle it but you could try phoning the office in Grasmere to find out: 0870 609 5391

    Grasmere does suffer a bit from sewage out put from the town as well, the water is a bit niffy - you can smell the dog if you want!

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    As I understand it, the issue of access, is that third parties who own land near the inlet to Grasmere & the Rydal Estate, which owns much of the land below Rydal Water, are less than pro-paddle-happy. Especially the 'R.E.', who own fishing rights. There used to be access to Grasmere, if you paddled the inlet beck, then paddled Grasmere without stopping and carried on after that. But the NT have for some time now, been asking people not to paddle Grasmere at all.

    Though to paddle Grasmere just for it's own sake, the question 'Why?' must be asked. For as Pete has noted, it does suffer from pollution and this in visually & nasall very noticeable in mid-low levels.

    Leave it, to look at and go paddle somewhere, you won't have to disinfect, if you capsize.

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    Default size matters

    Over and above the points mentioned already you would have to ask why bother. Although small is beautiful in the case of Grasemere it would take you as long to unload the boat, get it on the water and get it loaded up again as it would to walk the lake shore. It is just not big enough to bother about other than to say you've done it.

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    Default Access - Very Brief Info

    As it says at this isn't big enough to be worth a trip on its own, but you might go through it on a river trip.

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