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Thread: Esthwaite Water

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    Default Esthwaite Water

    More information to follow
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    You can't paddle on this water, without 'Esthwaite Fisheries' getting REALLY techy. Which in turn, makes paddling Cunsey Beck, which drain it, a real problem.

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    Default Paddling on Esthwaite Water

    I have asked about this lake before on the Graythwaite Estate website where I see that their guests can fish and row free of charge. The Trout Farm's own website says that their fishing charges can include hiring a boat from them or using one's own boat. They don't mention canoeing. I can understand that both organizations would not be happy about a minibus with a trailer of kayaks turning up for a bit of fun, but wonder if anyone has tried turning up an parking at the long stay car park and popping a canoe off the roof rack into the water ?
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    I fished this lake in August when I stayed nearby and the chap in the trout fishery shop was very helpful. I asked him if I could use my own canoe and he said yes, but he'd have to charge me. I can't remember what it was, but it was less than hiring one of his. In the end, I hired one of his anyway as it was too windy for canoe-fishing (and the wife wanted a trip when I finished fishing). He gave me a very good deal for an evening's fishing.

    Clearly his trout fishery customers wouldn't be very pleased if a load of non-fishing canoes were on the lake. That said, I think it would be worthwhile contacting him to see if he'd be agreeable for you to paddle the lake when there's not many fishermen there. The best fishing tends to be early morning and evening so you'd have to avoid these periods.

    I'd recommend fishing as well though - you don't have to use flies so can use normal coarse fishing gear and lobworms. They also have pike fishing there over Winter.

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    Default Paddling on Esthwaite Water.

    Thanks Soarfish ! I spoke to Wordsworth Country and to Graythwaite Estate as I had been told by Wordsworth Country that recently one of our ' calling ' had been on Esthwaite water and hit an underwater trout cage and then threatened the |Trout Farm with legal action ! This has made things a little difficult but I am encouraged by your comments about the reaction you have had so I guess that it all depends on ' attitude ' when you approach the Trout Farm. Graythwaite Estate lease the lake to the Trout Farm and whilst they have no objection to anyone using their waterway with the usual degree of circumspection. their main deal is with their tenant. I will go up to see them soon and see what they say to a non-fishing canoeist. Thanks again for the comments.

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