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Thread: Ardingly Reservoir

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    Default Ardingly Reservoir

    More information to follow
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    I called Ardingly Activity Centre to ask about access. They say there is no public access either from their site or anywhere else on the reservoir and suggested that the only way to paddle there would be to come along to their 'canoe club' on a Sunday morning.

    This is a shame as it would be a good safe spot for family paddles and for learning/practicing techniques while also being big enough to make exploring fun.

    Other centres in West Sussex such as Southwater Watersports and Chichester Watersports Centre allow launching for a fee.

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    Being a local to The Chichester Watersports Centre I would not advise using the lake. Although the launch fee is 10 per day the lake is quite small with the A27 dual carriageway forming one boundary and an industrial park another.

    I have no experience of the actual centre the shop may be of use but close by there are plenty of interesting places to paddle at little or no cost.

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    Ardingly Res canoe club is great value and I have found a great place to consolidate open water skills. Facilities are great with a nice cafe too!
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