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Thread: Draycote Water

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    Default Draycote Water

    More information to follow
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    Default Draycote water

    As far as i know you have to be a member of Rugby Canoe club to paddle that resevoir. If i'm wrong please let me know and how to go about getting on to it.

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    Yes your right you need to be a member of Rugby CC to paddle draycote
    I am a member and am currently serving on the committee
    The reason you need to be a member of Rugby CC is we are affiliate members of the Sailing club along with the Sea Scouts and Local Dragon Boat team

    The Sailing club has a contract with Severn Trent and all access apart from fishing is agreed through the Sailing club

    We are mainly a kayak club but have a burgeoning Canadian section which has been enforced by the recent changes on BCU syllabus

    Further Info can be found at

    We are glad to see all new comers
    Paddling my own path

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