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    Default Derwent Water

    Derwent Water (or Derwentwater) is one of the principal bodies of water in the Lake District National Park in the north of England.

    The lake occupies part of Borrowdale and lays immediately south of the town of Keswick. It is both fed and drained by the River Derwent. It measures approximately 4 km (3 miles) long by 1.5 km (1 mile) wide and is some 22 metres (72 feet) deep. There are several islands within the lake, one of which is inhabited. Derwent Island House, an 18th-century residence, is a tenanted National Trust property open to the public on five days each year.

    Derwent Water is a place of considerable scenic value. It is surrounded by hills (known locally as fells), and many of the slopes facing Derwent Water are extensively wooded. A regular passenger launch operates on the lake, taking passengers between various landing stages. There are seven lakeside marinas, the most popular stops being: Keswick, Portinscale and the Lodore Falls, from which boats may be hired. Recreational walking is a major tourist activity in the area and an extensive network of footpaths exists within the hills and woods surrounding the lake.

    The KeswickóBorrowdale road runs along the eastern shore of the lake and carries a regular bus service. There is a lesser, or unclassified, road along the western shore between the villages of Grange and Portinscale.

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    Default Some recent paddles

    A collection of my bloggs to introduce a lovely piece of water:

    Island Hoping on Derwentwater

    Derwentwater Rollercoaster

    September on Derwentwater

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    Default Launching Point / Access

    My favourite point to launch is from Kettlewell Car Park.

    This is an NT car park and is Pay & Display unless an NT member.

    The car park is at the far southern end of the lake but it is close to where the Upper Derwent river enters the lake and so you can explore up river form here too. You are close to the islands as well as the nice bays of the head of the lake.

    Link to my Google map to show car park location:

    Lakeland Pete

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    Default Good Access Summary

    This page seems to give a good formal summary of access points etc:

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    a most helpful map of Derwent Water with launches and features

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    Default Painless canoe hire on Derwent Water

    The good news was that wife and I were once more going to be let loose in the Lake District last week. The bad news was that as I was just out of hospital hefting our Novacraft Prospector onto the roof of the trusty old Saab 9000 was out of the question . Rescue from the misery of a canoeless holiday on Derwent Water came in the shape of hiring a comfy Old Town Disco from NIchol End Marine. To say we were well looked after is an understatement. The canoe hire was made dead easy = no deposits, no insistance on advance booking etc. And it is many years since I had a boat put in the water for me to just step into by a young instructress that most of us would leave home for !!. So if you are on Derwent Water without a canoe of your own there are no excuses, and at just over £20 for two hours paddling at the "interesting" end of the lake, the charges are reasonable. Oh, and there is an onshore cafe where you can get hot and cold drinks, and other stuff ranging from home made cakes to a full English breakfast. Just the job.

    I plan to take my own canoe next year as my NovaCraft paddles better than Old Town Discos in my opinion, but I will for sure be taking it out of the water at Nichol End marine - if only for another slice of carrot cake !.

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    That's good to hear. It seems they have smartened up their act. When I tried to get some help from them with my sailing dinghy a few years ago the attitude and service left a lot to be desired. Maybe it's changed hands.
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