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    The Crinan canal is a canal in the west of Scotland. It takes its name from the village of Crinan which is located at its westerly end. Nine miles long, it connects the village of Ardrishaig on Loch Gilp with the Sound of Jura, providing a navigable route between the Clyde and the Inner Hebrides, without the need for a long diversion around the Kintyre peninsula, and in particular the exposed Mull of Kintyre. The canal has essentially no height limit, and is a popular route today for yachts to travel from the Firth of Clyde to the west coast of Scotland.

    The canal was originally built for commercial Clyde puffers to travel between the industrialised region around Glasgow to the West Highland villages and islands. It was designed by civil engineer John Rennie and work started in 1794, but the canal was not completed until 1801 (two years later than planned). Problems, particularly with the locks, meant that some parts of the canal had to be redesigned - a task that fell to Thomas Telford in 1816

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    Default Crinan Canal

    When canoe along you can also marvel at the canal loch gates which every one takes for granted. In my past I worked for a company that made replacement gates for the Crinan and at this time of year we would be involved in surveying a set of gates to make up over the winter to be ready for the canal re-openinging at easter. In my time I'm sure we made three sets up and lost money on every set. The gates are made out of greenheart, purple heart, beach and douglas fir.

    The manufacture of the gates was easy compared to the actual fitting of the gates and making them watertight.
    The final fitting involves lifting the gate in, lifting out, trim a bit off with chainsaw and power planer, lift back in and so on until you finally got a reasonable seal.

    We also repaired a few of the bridge mechanisms and scour valves. It was such a chore when I had to go up for a site visit to check on progress! Not!

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