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    Loch Venachar (Scottish Gaelic: Loch Bheannchair) is a freshwater loch in Stirling district, Scotland, situated between Callander and Brig o' Turk. It lies approximately 82 metres above sea level, and is 6 kilometres long with a maximum depth of approximately 33 metres.

    The Black Water discharges from Loch Achray into the western end of Loch Venachar, and at the eastern end emerges Eas Gobhain which joins with the River Leny at Callander to form the River Teith.

    The south shore of the loch is covered by woodland containing numerous forest tracks, some leading over the hills to the Lake of Menteith and some leading westward along the loch to Loch Achray and the Trossachs.
    Invertrossachs House, which was visited by Queen Victoria in 1869, is also located on the south shore. Venachar sailing club is accessible from the Invertrossachs private road. To the North of the loch is Scotland's first highland Ben, Ben Ledi.

    The loch is well stocked with trout and [pike], and fishing is available, by permit, from the shore and by boat

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