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    Loch Treig (Scottish Gaelic: Loch Trčig) is a 9 km freshwater loch situated in a steep-sided glen 20 km east of Fort William, in Lochaber, Highland, Scotland. While there are no roads alongside the loch, the West Highland Line follows its eastern bank.

    Since 1929 Loch Treig has been a reservoir, retained behind the Treig Dam, forming part of the Lochaber hydro-electric scheme

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    I took the train from Rannoch to Corrour at the weekend and hiked over to the bothy at Loch Chiarain between Treig and Blackwater with my son. The aim was to reccy Lochs Treig and Ossian for future canoe trips.

    Treig is definitley worth a visit; access would be from Fersit at the North end.

    There's a track suitable for portaging with a trolley that will get you to Ossian about 5km away.


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