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    Default Morton Lochs

    Morton Lochs is in Fife

    More information to follow

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    These wee woodland lochs close to Tayport, within the Tentsmuir forest, are bird sanctuaries, and although I can't confirm it I'm pretty certain that paddling here would be taken amiss by the rangers who patrol the place.
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    They are extremely shallow and should be off limits to paddling. Another example of water that should not feature on this web site.
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    As I have said before the reason we intend to include all Lochs is precisely so that people can point out whether a loch is paddleable or of any interest to a canoeist.

    If a Loch is included and someone helpfully posts that it is out of bounds, hard to get to or in some other way inappropriate then anyone looking for information on that Loch will find this out and it may save them a lot of trouble

    If the Loch is not listed they will not know and may have to find out for themselves information the site could easily have provided.

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    Default Morton

    I worked there a few years ago as a reserve officer and know these lochs very well. The lochs are managed by Scottish Natural Heritage and run from the office in Feterdale (Small community in Tenstsmuir Forest). The lochs are well and truly silting up and filling up with reeds with very little open water left although they were trying to control the weeds at one point.

    These are quite rightly out of bounds to paddlers due to the sensitivity of the site, but hey if anyone fancies a bird watch they have some great hides there and you can get a key from the Cupar SNH office.
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