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    Kilconquhar Loch is a Scottish freshwater loch. The accepted, and local, pronunciation of both the adjacent village bearing the name and this loch, can be phoneticised as "Kinneuchar".

    This small shallow loch is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is located beside the aforementioned village of the same name in East Fife, within two or three miles of the coastal village of Elie.

    It is an approximate "rounded square" in shape, and is unusual in that it has no visible inflow or outflow, yet is not stagnant. It is the subject of a study by St Andrews University. It has been theorised that an underground spring feeds into the loch, maintaining a degree of freshness sufficient to offset its stagnation.

    In former times it was reported to produce large pike and eels, although this is now no longer verifiable as no fishing is allowed, due to its SSSI status.

    Large numbers of overwintering wildfowl use Kilconquhar Loch as a roost.
    It was charted during the Bathymetrical Survey of the Fresh-Water Lochs of Scotland; constructed under the direction of Sir John Murray And Laurence Pullar during the years 1897 to 1909.

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    Actually - it was me that wrote that particular piece on Wikipedia - (Wiki is just an assemblage of bits'n pieces of Bits Wot I (and others) Wrote sorta thing), only as accurate as the writer's knowledge. Which can be a bit amiss here and there! I can't vouch for the absolute truth of every single little point made here. Some of it was from an old extract of facts from a summary of parish records, some of what I know to be true as far as can be verified.

    I could add that the only feasible put in here if anyone was bursting to paddle Kilconquhar Loch is to drive into the churchyard and somehow get your canoe over the fence onto the loch. I'd advise quite early on a summer Sunday morning so you could complete your paddle and get away before the minister shows up!
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