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    Loch Coruisk is in the heart of the Black Cuillin on the Isle of Skye

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    Access easiest from Elgol which lies about 6km (direct) or 7km (indirect hugging coastline) across Loch Scavaig to the point where the short river drains Loch Coruisk into Loch Scavaig. A 400m portage with gentle incline takes you to Loch Coruisk itself and here about 5-6km of paddling in some of the most dramatic rock scenery in Britain can be enjoyed.

    The loch is more sheltered than the crossing of Loch Scavaig, but still potentially a windy place given all the steep rock around which may results in downdrafts or funneling of wind.

    Terns seem to use one of the islands in particular as a base in breeding season.

    An amazing place to enjoy a mix of freshwater, seawater and mountain scenery, but one to be particularly cautious on too.
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