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Thread: Assynt, Loch

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    Default Assynt, Loch

    Loch Assynt is a freshwater loch in Sutherlandshire, Scotland, 8 km from Lochinver.

    More information to follow.

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    Default Loch Assynt Sluice Gates

    There are sluice gates at the head of Loch Assynt that are designed to keep maintain the water levels in the loch for the fishing. About 6 years ago we re-built the sluice gates for Assynt estates. The original sluice gates were about 70 years old and made out of pitch pine but had seen better days. We built a new set in the workshops in Glasgow and then erected them onsite. We had fun installing them as we had to erect an aerial runway to lift the timber into position as we were unable to get a crane into the site. When we tried to source the telegraph poles for the runway supports it was at the height of the last foot and mouth out break. I phoned up a supplier of second hand poles and he said "oh I had thousands last week but they have all been bought up for the funeral fires". I have some pictures of the temporary dam and runway we created on slide I'll dig them out and scan.

    The new gates are made out of greanheart and oak.

    Needless to say we lost a fortune on this job as well as we would travel up from Glasgow (roughly 6 hours) when we though we had a weather window and the water levels would be too high and we would have to travel back again.

    I think Assynt estates have all changed now they were bought out by the local residents or something along those lines a few years ago.

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    Default re loch assynt

    i visited loch assynt,a couple of years ago and had to stop on the spot more than once for the herds of deer,this has to be the lonliest road in brittain,great stuff,in the shadow of the great canisp on the way back,watch the roadsigns, no traffic for - ages !

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