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Thread: Hello from the Welsh Marches.....

  1. Default Hello from the Welsh Marches.....

    Hi, we are two fairly active open boaters (and occasional kayakers!).
    We are both based within relatively easy reach of mid, south and north wales, where we do most of our paddling at the moment.
    It would be good to hear from other paddlers in a similar area.
    Happy Paddlin.
    Kat and Jim

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    Welcome to Song of the Paddle. I am sure there will be some members in your neck of the woods. Watch out for trips being posted in your area or post trips you are going on and see who wants to join you.

    If you are both going to post it might be an idea to have separate accounts as it may be confusing for people not knowing which of you they are "talking " too.

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    hi there! am often around and about welsh marches/mid to north wales but am so inexpereinced i am still only allowed out with supervision! i haven't been open boating for long and am still finding my feet (or paddle). have you put yourselves on the gogglemap?

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    I've done a bit of open boating on the Usk and Upper Wye but I'm still fairly new to it all so learning all the time.

    What types of rivers do you tend to run?


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