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Thread: Venture Prospector PE

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    Default Venture Prospector PE

    Makers Spec

    Length 473cm / 15' 5"

    Width 88cm / 33"

    Weight 32kgs / 70lbs
    Seats 2
    Rocker Moderate
    Max Load 400kgs / 880lbs

    Tough P.U Gunwales
    2 wood webbing or plastic seats
    Tough moulded end deck incorporating carrying handle
    Wooden centre yoke
    Wooden carrying yoke
    Wooden rear thwart

    Maker's Write Up
    The Prospector is probably the most famous of all canoe designs and has never been bettered for all-round performance. We are proud to have this as the basis for one of our most successful canoes.

    Combining this classic shape, performance with our new CoreLite material, the result is a hard wearing craft that is ideal for centres and enthusiasts who have paddling whitewater high on their priority list.

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    Talking venture prospector PE

    i've just bought my venture porspector and when i took it out for the first time on flat water i found it manouveres and handles brilliantly! either solo or tandem i would defeinitely recomend a kneeling thwart for solo paddling and i can't wait to get mine on to moving water!!

    see you on the water!!


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    Default Venture Prospector 15

    I have recently changed to the Venture Prospector 15.

    It tracks very well and maneuvers extremely well. It turns of a sixpence in moving water, doesn't ship much water. All in all a great boat solo. I have not yet paddled it tandem. The kneeling thwart is a must.

    Does weather cock a little in a head wind, just move forward of the yolk to drop the nose and raise the tail and then the weather cocking effect works in your favour (little Bill Mason tip there).

    I have no problem Portaging, though the thwart is not very comfy, but it is a 32kg boat (they claim 31 in some literature). Car topping a doddle and I have a Pathfinder.

    One negative comment for Venture/Pelican though. The boat does not come drilled for Bow and Stern loops and if you do it yourself you invalidate your warranty. This is not an issue most of the time, however, if the boat does get pinned or need to be seriosly pulled I doubt the carry handles would be up to the task. For the serious moving water enthusiast it could be construed that Venture/Pelican are saying that their boat is not up to it. I don't think this is the case I think the boat is fab, just that Venture are being a bit over zealous on the Arse Covering . So Bow and Stern loops it will be, I did write to them but they have not replied.

    Its a brilliant boat, needs Bow and Stern Loops, Thwart, (get the wooden and webbing seats) AirBags, Dog, Posh Paddles, girl waiting whenever you stop with soothing oils and a Pint of Exmoor Stag.


    Dom aka Escanset
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    Default Venture Prospector 15

    This isn't a review of my own canoe - I don't own one yet - but of an evening spent in a friend's boat (thanks David - I still owe you that pint). Readers need to know that I've done quite a lot of kayaking, but am only now returning to open canoes. I have been paddling a Discovery 119 for the last couple of months, and am planning on getting something rather longer and more suitable for both tandem and solo paddling with the occasional trip.

    First impression was of how easy the boat is to paddle. It is very much faster than the Discovery and very comfortable with the added kneeling thwart (I'm a kneeler, not a sitter). It sits on edge beautifully when paddling forwards. Tracking is fine, and it responds very well to sweeps and bow rudders. To my surprise, it responds quickly to draws and pries, crossing the Wye with either stroke and very little effort. There is a small amount of tumblehome which allows edging to the point where the gunwales are only 3 or 4" from the water. Were I more competent, I'm sure I could easily push the boat further towards the gunwales.

    I didn't have the chance to try the boat on white water, but all its flatwater qualities suggest it would be pretty good, and certainly preferable to the little Disco. I'm so impressed, I'm planning on buying one!


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    Default prospector PE

    I have just completed 300 miles in my Prospector PE on the River Wye, Severn and Adour in France. This was my big summer challenge for details see or find me on facebook (id yourself as a paddler) where there are lots of pics of the journey.

    The Venture Prospector 15 was outstanding, especially in France where bad weather caused the river to swell very fast and run very fast. Before going the boat proved itself very admirably on whitewater as I went on a 1:1 whitewater course with the team at on the River Dee (nr Llangollen).

    Even with a full payload (5-6 days worth of camping kit at a time) (the trip took a total of 19 days in four sections) the boat handled superbly, in fact when well balanced almost better with than without payload.

    I find it is a good weight for portage and car topping (and I drive a Pathfinder) but with a payload I found using a little canoe trolley strapped to the back (directly below the seat) and a shoulder strap at the front meant long portages were very civilized, and I didn't have to go back for my bags ;0), the longest I did was just shy of two miles.

    Overall I think you will struggle to get a better boat for the money, maybe just as good, but not better.

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