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    My name is Neil and I am in Oxfordshire.
    I have an inflatable Kayak and am looking at doing the Thames Lechlade to London route next year.
    There are three of us and we are thinking of camping along the way
    If anybody has any tips or advice this would be greatly received.

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    Welcome Neil. Looking forward to seeing your adventures in your kayak

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    Hello and Welcome!

    There are lots of blogs about the Thames on this website, so have a good search. Are you all in the one inflatable, or in separate canoes? That'll make a difference on your timing, as will deciding whether you want a tough "challenge", or a more leisurely trip, which might decide how long you want to paddle for each day.

    There will probably be a bit more flow late spring than in mid-summer, which might help, but obviously that's very weather dependent.

    Inflatables tend to be a bit slower, so I'd only be planning something like 2 mph, plus add 10-15 mins per lock. Practice a few times to see if this the right sort of speed. There are people who've done it in a week, but this would be hard and fast, most people will take longer. I'd probably plan to finish at Teddington, beyond is tidal and a different level of seriousness and experience is very much required.

    Lots of places to camp, some wild, some campsites. The lock campsites are particularly good. Have a look on Paddle Points for loads of info on them and everything else.
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    Hi, Mal Grey and thank you for your reply.
    Three of us are planning to do it, two in separate inflatables and one in a ridged.
    I have been reading some blogs thanks, we were thinking between challenge and leisurely.

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