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    Dear All,

    I hope this post finds you well! Iíve recently bought a wooden 14ft Fisher Prospector and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on general maintenance of it.

    Iím afraid I have very little experience of boat building or maintenance so any information would be much appreciated!

    I bought her a year old, she was 3 months ago varnished and painted. I was told when I got her she was plywood and epoxy coated (if this sounds right) after a month of good use sheís got a couple of small nicks and dents, (although painted white it shows a lot more) should I be worried about this and repair immediately or do it as annual maintenance?

    Many thanks in advance for any hints and tips!

    Yours Aye LaserRadial

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    If it's epoxy under paint, just make sure the scratches haven't gone through the epoxy then touch up. Deep scratches could be filled first - I've used exterior polyfilla. If it's gone through the epoxy you need to deal with it fairly quickly. First get it dry; if it's just a deep scratch, I'd fill with thickened epoxy (or araldite) then paint. If the wood is split, then you may need a glass patch putting on.
    Keep an eye on the gunnels - every couple of years sand lightly and re-varnish. Any time you feel like a colour change, sand, fill any dents and repaint. (It might be worth checking compatibility between old and new paints)

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    Dear Sam,

    Many thanks for the reply, itís much appreciated! As far as I can see the black stuff in the photo is apoxy and none of it has got through to the wood. Iíll look at at getting them filled in though soonish! They look worse in the photo due to the white hull I think.

    Iíll be sure to follow advice on general maintenance, having got such a nice canoe I donít want it to go downhill because of me!

    Once again thanks

    Yours Aye


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    Hi, nice looking boat, and with a lovely paint finish too.

    The nice thing about a wooden boat is that you can genuinely get it back to original condition (ish) which is much harder with a plastic boat.
    While the first scratch is always the hardest, this does mean that if your definition of "good use" evolves to result in this effect after a weekend:

    you only have some sanding and re-coating to do to fix it

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    Are you sure there isn't an outer layer of gelcoat? Those paint chips in the first picture look relatively deep, like an egg shell... thicker than paint alone. If there is a gelcoat layer and no deeper damage, it's an easy two-part gelcoat repair.
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