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Thread: Another new member in Worcestershire!..if i qualify!

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    Smile Another new member in Worcestershire!..if i qualify!

    Morning, just thought that I would say Hi.
    I live between Stratford upon Avon and Worcester. I have spent most of my life in or on the water, mainly what am I doing living so far away from the sea?
    Anyhow I am not sure that I strictly qualify for this forum, although I have an interest in open canoes and have used one a couple of times: my wife recently bought me an inflatable kayak..the Intel K1. The purpose of joining this website is to hook up with local paddlers as I plan to travel the various canals and rivers in the area; eventually wanting to get down to Bristol via the Severn/ Avon from Birmingham. It would be good to paddle with other enthusiasts. I am very open minded about my next upgrade and would be very interested in learning about the various different canoe types. I am viewing this as some way to meeting my love of water, but also as part of my fitness programme: please dont misunderstand me I love the idea of stopping off at the odd pub for a pint and relax, I am not the hell for leather type, more meandering looking at the local scenery and just enjoying being on the water...
    If you can stomach an inflatable as company then it would be good to meet up if you are in the area.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Plenty of us have paddled inflatables at some point in our paddling lives, all are welcome.
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