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Thread: Found a good rubber insert for roof bars

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    Default Found a good rubber insert for roof bars

    I've got a set of vanguard aero roof bars which have a slot in the middle (for attaching uprights etc on captive nuts). I wanted to fit a rubber strip in the slot to protect the gunwales and help stop the boat moving about.

    After a fairly extensive search I found claytonrite window seal. It's designed to fit panes of glass into panel vans. You fit the strip between the two pieces then push in a second insert strip to lock it in place so it can't come out.

    This has turned out to be exactly what I needed. I used some silicone spray to slide the gasket into the slot in the bar then simply pushed the insert down into the groove in the strip to lock it in position (there is also a special tool for doing this but mine wasn't a particularly tight fit). They make a load of different sizes of this strip so I'd think you would get some to fit most roof bars. Cheaper than the branded thule strip made specifically for roof bars.
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    Ta. Sounds like this might save me a bit on a Thule replacement, but your link doesn't seem to be active mate.
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    Mal, I thought that, but it's not a link, just an underline. I did a search and found here. Cheaper than eBay but I didn't search too long. There's an eBay seller adverting 1, but that's only for 25mm sample!


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