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Thread: Existing as "Me" (not Daughter to Dad) :)

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    Default Existing as "Me" (not Daughter to Dad) :)

    My first appearance in a Song-of-the-Paddle blog was a very long time ago, and a lot of my early adventures appear on here - like this one, from a day out on the River Chet near where we lived in Norfolk.

    Dad posted this photo of my first go at solo paddling - on the river in Neatishead:

    In most of the blogs I just appear as "daughter" - but now I am here as me as I now do my own trips and I'm going to do my own blogs

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    Hi Eleri.

    Good to have you aboard in your own right, not just as Dearest Daughter of that thin beardy Greg bloke. Also very good to see the next generation getting on with serious paddlin'!

    I shall resist adding more photos of a smaller you
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    Delighted to see you in your own right, although dads post of the younger you have helped with grandchildren (about your age ) conviction that paddling is ok. In fact one has just gfiven up rowing for paddling and has joined Richmond to kayak.

    You are unlikely to remember me as yet another greybeard canoeist, but I certainly remember you from the Quest and the Drome.

    Good luck in your future adventures


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    wecome, looking to seeing your blogs

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    Welcome Eleri, more power to your paddle, it's a good website you've put together too.
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    Often referred to as the "most expensive female offspring" I am glad to see you posting here uninhibited by Greg.

    Your dad mentioned last time we met that I'd inspired you to take up the tin whistle when we met at Knoydart. Have you kept at it?

    Happy paddling. Looking forward to your blogs.
    Big Al.

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    Good on you Eleri for stepping out on your own.
    Obviously you are now paddling independently and so clearly have a love for paddling on your own terms, but I would be interested to hear how you got to this point. Were there any periods when paddling was something dad dragged you along to when you weren't keen? Did you ever consider giving up? Did it ever seem like an option to choose, or has it always felt like that's just what you do? Did you ever get flak from school friends for going away canoeing a lot? As I said, I'm interested to hear your thoughts, and as a parent to a 4 year old maybe any tips you would like to pass on!

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