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Thread: Getting started around East Yorkshire / York

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    Default Getting started around East Yorkshire / York

    Hi all,

    Usual stuff, new to the forum, go steady!!

    So I've just purchased two inflatable canoes for a bit of family touring, use on lakes, flat deep rivers and sea. I've got some kayak experience from a long time ago, RYA level 2 sailing experience and a reasonable amount of powerboat and water sports experience. So reasonably water aware etc..

    The canoes I have a Sevylor Madison 2 person. My wife and I and two 10 year old boys will use them.

    To get going this weekend, I'm looking for somewhere to have a bit of a play in East Yorkshire/York, and maybe paddle a mile or two up/down a river. Also have friends with us, so some of the party will be hanging out/pick-nicking riverside etc..

    My thoughts are either putting in at Old Malton, Kirkham Abbey, or Stamford Bridge on the Derwent, or maybe somewhere north of York on the Ure / Ouse.

    I'm least familiar at present with access rights, and don't want to upset anyone, and this makes me a little nervous about the Derwent.

    So any specific recommendation for the area, somewhere senic to impress the visitors, easy to put in and out and swap paddlers a few times, and somewhere where those not paddling can participate from the bank! If that's not too much to ask!


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    Welcome to the forum. In the absence of Mal Grey who normally suggests this as a starting point, try paddle points

    Hopefully sometime local to you will be along soon to help you out.

    Meanwhile, happy paddling.
    Big Al.

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    The Ouse isn't that easy a river. At this time of the year, there is a lot of traffic, and banks tend to be quite muddy. You might have some luck around the rowing club area. Why don't you look at the Driffield Navigation? It might be easier for swapping in and out. There are several Bloggs covering it including
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    We did Malton to Kirkham a few weeks ago and there were quite a few trees down on the top half making it interesting. Passable but tight in places.

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    Thanks all for replies so far. Will take alook at the Driffield Navigation. Have to say, I quite fancy putting in at Old Malton and maybe just having a play around there, maybe practicing paddling up stream a bit and then heading down towards Kirkham a little.


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    You could stick it in the Foss above the lock where it drops into the Ouse. You can go a fair way up the Foss before you run into any significant current. Roughly as far as Hungtington Road bridge where there's a broken weir. Interesting and an easy paddle on still water, it goes right through the old town, out through Fossgate and over towards Huntington. At one point, you land up in the middle of a busy intersection on Foss Islands Road which is kind of surreal.

    Don't worry about access, it's an official navigation.

    Last time I went, I parked in St George Field carpark and just lifted over the low railings to get into the lock area under Tower Street Bridge. However it's accessable at various points. There is a footpath following much of it once you leave the city walls.

    It's relatively easy to put on the Ouse at Poppleton and not as busy that far up. I've put the boat in there to go shopping in York before today. Watch the wind in an inflatable though, there were two lads stuggling with theirs last time I went, it gets a bit exposed in places.
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    Thanks for the Foss suggestion @stinkwheel, that would be really interesting and one I'm definitely going to paddle one day. I know York well so I'm sure it will give a completely different perspective.


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    Hi we have used Naburn Lock a couple of times and its an easy park & put in. We paddled towards York then retraced our steps. Come off the A64 at the designer outlet / Fulford junction and its a couple of miles down a minor road. Hope this helps . If you need further info do come back to me. Nick

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Hope you had a good paddle.
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    Paddle Points - where to paddle

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