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Thread: Hello from Northants!

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    Default Hello from Northants!

    Way hey, I finally bought a canoe!

    My name is Bill, except its actually Tony. I answer to both! I'm mid 30s, overweight and a little impulsive. When I was younger, and far, far fitter, I worked for the Norfolk broads Authority and spent a vast amount of time on the broads, either barge, boat, kayak or canoe.

    Recently, I found myself yearning for the water again. After a visit to South Africa to dive with the great white, I decided to just do it! I bought a second hand Coleman Journey canoe (the ramx version), a BA, some paddles and, with gusto and stupidity, headed for the nene. That was two days ago. I ache, I hurt and I love it.

    My first journey took me from Denford to Woodford, a nice little paddle upstream, perhaps not the best 1st paddle choice, but hey, why not! After a sit on the Dock at Woodford lock, I returned, got spun sideways at Denford foot Bridge, hit the bridge, capsized and tasted the sweet taste of ick and eww.

    Canoe on the bottom of the river, my loyal hat missing and my waterproof backpack full of water, I dove down, hoisted the boat out of the water, righted it, emptied it of river, then tried to re-enter from the water. This failed, I capsized again, dejavouz.

    After a few failed attempts, I finally had her floating with me, somewhat soggy, on board and ready to paddle. 20 seconds later, I reached the portage at Denford. I should've just swam it in Hindsight, but the experience was, well, an experience!

    Next day, I went out again in the same place, didn't sink, stayed dry, but ache more!

    So here I am, Bill, Tony, whatever!

    Looking to meet other paddlers in the area, keen to try some overnights and such like. I'm crazy, but eager!

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    Welcome, whatsisname. Sounds like an eventful first trip. Hopefully future ones will be a bit drier

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    Hi bill, sounds an eventful first paddle, may see you on the nene sometime, are you local to the river?

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Enjoyed your tale of your first paddle, which will sound familiar to many! Hopefully future paddles will be drier, you're in a good area for lovely lowland rivers.
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    Hi Bill, sounds like fun. I'm finding the Nene a very nice river. I like the backwaters especially. you can do a loop at Stanwick lakes, mostly around the backwater with a return upriver. The backwater at Denford is pretty when the light is reaching into the water. That one is an up and back and watch out when you get passed the road bridge as the current picks up and heads to the wier, so turn around at the bridge to avoid that. there is a nice cafe - the Water Mill tea rooms at Ringstead. It's a fair paddle from Denford to there, but fine if you have the time. My paddling tends to be a somewhat last minute decision, but I may well see you on the water if you're a weekend paddler.

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