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    Hi all, I've been lurking in the background for quite some time and thought it only polite I introduce myself.

    I got back into canoeing 2-3 ago having had a ~20 year canoe hiatus. To start me on my journey I bought a second hand OT pack 18months ago because it's so user-friendly, lovely and light and my previous experiences were that canoes were not so. In fact they were horrendous so not appealling (and pretty limited for running frothy stuff).

    I spent most of my childhood, teens and early 20s kayaking (rivers/polo plus boring lochs....) around Scotland and beyond but then stopped due to injury and quickly discovered warm weekends. Anyway, I've rediscovered the passion but this time it's for canoeing, views and multi day trips (always loved camping). The thrill seeker/lazy person in me has also decided a sail is a good idea so I've been terrifying myself with that of late. There's much to learn as I'm not nearly so experienced with canoes (although I did a decent amount) but I do remember exactly how cold that water is from all those years ago so don't need to relearn that and I'm not buying a drysuit.

    I frequently head up to the Trossachs where I know my way around and am interested in getting out and about in other areas.

    The packs not really suitable for group paddling as it's so slow (unless it's blowing a gail) but I'd definitely be interested in meeting up with people who fancy a lazyish weekend exped or trips in the north east which aren't too frothy. Summer or winter.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    As far as I'm concerned, a Pack is a great little canoe that would be welcome on any group trip. If it means the group travels a little more slowly, their gain, as paddling for me is most certainly not about speed!

    Good to have you aboard.
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